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Heartland Gazebos in action

Deck additions are our speciality. Estimates for special installations are gladly provided. (details)

 Gazebo added to existing deck  12x17 Gazebeque on existing deck

 10x14 built on existing cement slab      

Stain that matches your cabin or house (details)


Stained gazebo
12x17 Raised Deck

12' Gazebo

10' Raised with lattice

Sit in comfort by your garden...


12' by garden

...or by your pool.

Painted gazebo

Plain Panel Model

We stock gazebos in our heart design or plain panels as in this 10' model with deck, deck raised and screen room.

Plain model

Victorian panel designs

Here are some new victorian panel designs. We will also work with you to custom design and build a gazebo with your preferences in style, options and design.

Design 3 
Design 2  

Here is our oval octagon model.


Oval design

The Gazebeque

It's a fire pit. It's a barbeque. Sit by the fire without the bugs! (details)

Gazebeque Inside Gazebeque



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