Kit or Completed Gazebo?

Thank you for your interest in Heartland Gazebos. We have been providing quality gazebos for Wisconsin and adjacent states for over 10 years. We stress quality in construction and complete customer satisfaction. For that reason we do not offer our gazebos in “kit” form. We have found that most customers that purchase “kits” are not happy with the gazebo for many reasons. Because our price includes the “on site assembly,” there are no missing parts, there is no “shipping damage”, everything fits together properly, and the gazebo is totally completed in less than a day.

Which wood is best?

One of the most important choices in a gazebo is the type of material used in the construction. We use only eastern white cedar which we cut and process ourselves. We carefully select the components so there are no defects, no splitting, no shrinkage and no harsh chemicals which are common in the pressure treated wood used by many manufacturers. Cedar is, by far, the best choice of material for a gazebo.

Finished or unfinished?

One other important choice often overlooked by many gazebo purchasers is the choice of finish. An unfinished gazebo quickly becomes faded and unsightly. We offer a variety of finishes in unlimited colors. We can match the color of the gazebo to your house if you choose. The successful finishing of cedar is highly dependent on temperature, humidity and drying time. These factors are difficult to control in an outdoor environment. We stain the gazebo in pieces, in an indoor, climate controlled environment to assure the best finish possible. We are confident that our system will give you the best possible finish to keep your gazebo looking great for years to come. We use Sherwin Williams products in both oil and polymer and in solid or semi-transparent stains. The solid colors are more durable while the semi-transparents allow the wood grain to show through. The polymers are generally more durable, while most people feel the oils are more attractive. The choice of finish is affected by the amount of ultra-violet exposure (sunlight) the gazebo will have. At Gazebo Park, you can see examples of all types of finishes in many different colors, in both shaded and full exposures. Some of our display gazebos are 10 years old so you can compare the longevity of the different finishes. Our years of experience in finishes will help you determine which finish is best for you.

Are all gazebos measured the same way?

All gazebos ARE NOT measured in the same way. Our gazebos are measured from side to side. In order to make them seem larger, some manufactures measure from corner to corner. Here is an example: Our 12' gazebo, measured side to side, has 120 sq ft. Our competitor’s 12' gazebo, measured corner to corner, has 100 sq ft. Ours is 20% larger!

Sizes & style?

We offer 11 distinct styles in 5 different sizes to choose from. All of these styles and sizes can be seen at Gazebo Park (See style page) All of the styles are the same price except for the natural rustic log gazebo which is 30% more.


Our confidence in our product allows us to offer a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship. Most gazebos, especially kits, come with little or no warranty.


If you would like windows in your gazebo we offer roll-up vinyl windows. This system out-performs “hard windows” at half the cost. We offer lights, fans and other options to make your gazebo a complete, comfortable environment. Check out our “Gazebeque”, a barbeque grill or fire pit inside the gazebo. All of the gazebos and options described can be seen at Gazebo Park (see brochure for directions) We are open 7 days a week by appointment.

  Thank you,

Ron Mijal
Heartland Gazebos



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